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Get turned on by your life and by your own damn self.

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life searching for something (or someone) to stoke your fire, you ARE the motherfucking fire.

Light Your Fire

A.K.A. How I Can Help You Free Your Mind:

Passion Ignited

Start using Desire and Pleasure as a compass leading you on your path and feel Fire in Everything.


Shame is a cosmic cock-blocker that keeps you feeling like not enough and too much... You can let it go.


Stop wishing you were powerful and hot as hell and discover that you ARE. Let that shit SHINE!

Improved Health

Exercise + healthy eating only feel hard because you've been weighed down with programs that aren't true. Rewrite them.

Align With Yourself

When you stop running from discomfort face it & discover allies you free yourself to be all of you. Finally meet yourself.

Connection to Purpose

That thing you're here to do need you to show up. Shameless connection to you is the key to connecting to your purpose.




Lightworker 101


Body Positivity
Sexual Liberation
Toxic Shame


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