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Ambers gifts are so beautiful and magical! I am blown away. Everything she shared resonated with my soul. I feel SO clear and empowered and inspired. My eyes are blue and bright again like I used to see them!

Courtney Long

Today Amber helped remind me of some important things. I own all of me. I am the change I want to see. I am strong. And that my softness is my strength. My heart is healing, but with open eyes I can see that my future is just over the horizon, and I can’t wait to see what it brings.

Zac Houston

Amber is truly the most effective and amazing energy worker I’ve had the pleasure of receiving healings from. She is a clean channel and conduit for messages, and the work we’ve done together has helped me to regain strength, confident, clarity, and energy. She helps me balance out when I go off the deep end and recenter when I’ve veered in an extreme direction. I HIGHLY recommend Amber and her services. Do yourself a favor and schedule just a session to see for yourself. You’re bound to walk away a better person.

Emily Rose

Amber is amazing and is such a messenger of Light and self-love. My self-care for the week was a session with Passageways with Amber. Lots of stuff shifting from that. I cant wait to see ALL THE MIRACLES that show up from it.

Arie Milne

I just had a clearing session with Amber. and I must tell you she has changed my life. I have never felt more alive and full of life than I do at this moment. Her gift is truly amazing, and I am very grateful for the time she took with me today and all the help she provided me and helping me be able to move forward. I feel like I could conquer the world right now. I see things differently and a new light shines in me. A joy that I thought had been long forgotten has surfaced, and I feel like I have been brought to a new world, a new light, a new life. I can’t find the words to express just what I feel, but I do know one thing, I feel like the old me is back! I dont know how to thank you enough! Much love and light to you, my friend. 😇 To those who are considering her services, you will NOT be disappointed! Book now while you can. Trust me. it will be the best thing you can do for yourself! Thank you so much, Amber


Amber is an absolute JOY to work with. She single-handedly has helped me through issues that over twenty years of therapy haven’t. Her modality is cutting edge and perfectly suited for anyone regardless of what problems you are seeing in your life, or even if you aren’t! Her ability to be so tuned in to Spirit allows her the ability to effectively heal with amazing accuracy. She’s professional, Divine and compassionate. I didn’t really know what to expect when we had our first session, but afterward knew I would be back as a frequent customer.

Stephanie Roman

Amber is great to work with! She opened my eyes to a new way of energy healing for me. Instantly I started to feel a release

Jen Steward

Amber opened some channels that had been laying dormant for so long. I’ve worked with quite a few people over time, Amber went deeper and really elevated my perspective and allowed me to feel. So very highly recommended!

Crystal Jones

Amber had amazing insight into what I needed to clear. Also, She knew what goals I am working on and provided me with guidance and inspiration. I would recommend her.

Crystal Lynn

I did a session with Amber last week. I was surprised at what she found and cleared. I recommend booking with Amber if you’re feeling you have a block but don’t know from what.


Amber is one of the most powerful healers I have ever had the pleasure to work with in my life. In one session we covered over 15 breakthrough concepts. Wow Wow Wow!!!! Thank you Amber for answering your calling. I feel so blessed to know and experience your work!

Dr. Beth Halburt

Amber has a real gift and helped me shift some pretty powerful negative beliefs and blocks. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to have a transformative experience

Naomi Fox

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