July 18, 2018

Having important conversations matters more than whether or not we get it right. I want to be able to SAY THE THING even if I fuck it up. So here goes.


Let’s talk about what goes down under the covers.

Not with a partner. You, as your own lover. You lay down, you’re craving release… do you sprint for it or take your time?

Imma be honest, at least 1/2 of the time I sprint, I’ve got shit to do!


Have you ever REALLY taken the time to make love to yourself?

Slowly, softly, tenderly running your fingertips along your body, tracing your lines… feeling the soft give of your own flesh beneath the pressure.

The electric sensations when you gently graze your nipples. Tip your chin to your chest and feel your own breath down your stomach.

Take yourself like a lover, make yourself squirm and arch your back in anticipation. Be the lover you crave. Take your time. Your prize will wait for you.

Tell your body how beautiful and strong it is. Touch the parts of you that have been neglected. Feel them writhe with delight. Squeeze your thighs like you’re hungry, caress your stomach like it is the home of your divinity.

Be mindful of your inner thoughts, and override anything negative that creeps in with lust and appreciation for your own damn self.

Whisper sexy things to yourself “damn baby, I fucking love how your body feels in my hands” “oooh I can’t wait to taste you” “fuck, I want you so bad”

Get fearless. Get greedy. Get tender. Get wet. ENJOY ALL OF YOU. Especially the parts that need extra love. You’ve been waiting for a lover to show you how fucking perfect you are, BE THAT LOVER for yourself.

Light candles, put on some Sade and show yourself the time of your life because you deserve to feel sexy as all hell!

Unlocking your ability to love yourself like this can be a powerful catalyst to getting everything you’ve ever wanted in life! Ready for that next level shit? Ooooh, this is only a taste.

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