Embracing My Goddess

I own my body with fierceness and pride not because of how it looks, but because of how I FEEL living in this dimension! Because of my body, I am able to evolve, to love, to play, to hurt, to connect to Earth like only a body can. Because I have a body I was able to overcome my own bullshit that kept me hating myself for SO long!

I learned to love myself AS I WAS and lost 60 lbs without trying because my body no longer needed to protect me from my own self-hatred shame and so many other things. I am not sharing this to help you lose weight. I am sharing this because feeling disconnected from yourself fucking SUCKS and you DON’T have to live that way anymore!

You CAN love you right now and dare to say FUCK YES to things that scare you.

These photos and videos show where I am now, it took me many years and 10’s of thousands of dollars in energy work and coaches to become who I am, I won’t pretend it wasn’t hard, but it WAS WORTH IT!

Your journey doesn’t have to be so hard! I have the tools and Spirit WILL show up for you to shift in powerful ways IF you show up for yourself!  Let’s create POWER.

Please Scroll Through the Galleries and Enjoy my Video in the Link Below 

I had an amazing experience with Confidence Photography by Janica LaRae. I wanted to capture the honest beauty of my body, especially my soft parts. They are my favorite because they taught me best how to love myself.

Having my picture taken, even naked didn’t feel very vulnerable to me. I am consistently working to push my growth edges and break free from comfort zone paralysis. I discovered an opportunity I HAD to say yes to; BURLESQUE!

It was several months of deep emotional processing, many arduous hours of dancing and fun, exhausting hours costuming and in the end I am very proud of myself!

I did it for ME, for my journey and  I hope to do it again someday!

I’ve never danced a day in my life before this. We were not professionally choreographed, this was pure raw ‘I don’t know what I’m doing” vulnerability and I loved it!

Please click the link below to watch the performance. My girlfriends’ mom recorded it for me!

Say FUCK YES to pushing past comfort zones!

Walk fearlessly in the direction of your souls calling.