I am a Catalyst.
I am also a big geek, I love dancing anywhere music is playing (yep, in the grocery store too). I LOVE Avatar the Last Airbender (series, not movie) and if you do too, I’m pretty sure we should be besties. I love hiking, crystals, Oracle cards, being a mom to the coolest teen EVER, following my path and helping others awaken to theirs. And, I’m really good at it!

My path definitely chose me. I was shy and my self-image was extremely poor (to put it mildly). Something changed in 2012 and my path began to take shape. Now I am a beacon of hope for those who know more is possible, but don’t know where to start.

I am a PASSIONATE lover of life, I love the lessons and the myriad ways I get to surprise myself, I adore the beautiful ways that others inspire and move me. Connection is such a gift! I truly hope you will reach out to connect more with me.

I believe in MAGIC. (Do you?)

I live in beautiful southern Utah with my magical son. Seriously, he’s so cool!

I love my life, and I LOVE what I do.

My mission in business and life is to live my raw authentic UNABASHED vulnerable truth and inspire others to step into their MAGIC!

To promote radical self-love and help others embrace their personal power.

To raise the vibration of money by healing Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

To align sex, money, and Spirituality releasing the stigmas and shame!

To say FUCK YES to the things that inspire and scare me and inspire others to do the same.

To push past my growth edges and help my clients push past theirs.

TO NEVER stop learning and evolving.

To honor my Divinity by assisting others to call upon their own for true transformation!

To facilitate true soul-level transformation, awaken Spiritual gifts, and help high vibration, gifted visionaries to break through the barriers that have kept them stuck, empowering them to live like the Divinity that they are!

To remain in the knowing that “We are all walking each other home.” -Ram Dass There is no above or below in this work.